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Website Development

We are now as a witness how the world turning digital as rapidly change now, Make sure that your business has good presence online. Google Search Result Page as your business lobby or etalase now days.

SalamBerkah is Web  developer agency that can make Islamic Communication on our website, the proper CTA and value on Fairness Communication.

Competitive Analysis

Being Social and keep relevant and ahead of the game came from understanding the competation.Uphold your strength and focus to capture the Islamic Segment opportunity which now more more logic and value hunter. Again online research, understaning competation are trully important.


Development process that a lot more than you expect. We are using real content production or comply with the photo right. This is where the starts. The web development production which include copywriting, AyoBerkah content manager will ensure that visual design and testing.


Your shariah brand is close enough for people that hijra already.Again we do belive biggest chunk of the market that Being Hijra is not enough, they need story in a way that makes sense to your Muslim Segment, Set SMART objective and create specific personas that provide an overview of the customer before documenting and analysing their behavior flows.

Digital Discoverability

Your digital Asset is about your your bisnis lounge, Good is not enough, we need traffic and visitor to the web. PPC and Online Advertising are trully important to ensure our digital ecosystem is on-track.

UX Design

User eXperience design that comply with the shariah way. I.e. Do not show female without hijab which using authentic model. Essentially we deliver our potential customers satisfaction and loyalty by making digital stuff easier.

Operate & Maintaence

Our view on website is business funnel not mere “digital flyers”. Content is important to show that your are fully understand of business. As thought leader within industries, That why fresh content are imperative. We strongly believe in the power of operate, Maintence, analysing and reporting to evaluate how we can improve and better your customer’s user experience.